Friday, April 29, 2011

Feel like watching this....

I do. (Like some awfully silly things)

It's the Royal Wedding tonight.
There is a little part of me that can't help but get caught up in the fact Kate is an 'ordinary girl' who will now become a Princess. Even the word 'princess' is so truly  fantastical and lovely.
Looking at her dress (which is classic and beautiful)- I can't help but think of the dress I told my Mum I wanted to get married in.
It's a bit of a running Joke with my Mum and I. Despite the fact for years I swore I wouldn't marry- I have always secretly seen dresses I'd love to wear. Often these dresses appear in movies.
The first dress, my Mum reminded me of just recently. I was 10 when I told her I wanted to get married in this:
Ha ha ha. It's from the movie Coming To America with Eddie Murphy. Isn't it AWFUL!!!
The next one that I remember is this:
I loved The Princes' Bride and everything Buttercup wore. I remember thinking this dress would look amazing with  hood, walking down the isle??. Not really a wedding dress though Polly!
In my later years I sent Mum a few more classical pics. The ultimate movie star Grace Kelly was an angelic bride and I remember loving her dress for a while:

I then went through my teenage years being arty farty and watching lots of foreign films. The following dresses were shown to my Mum: La Reine Margot:
I even wanted to get married in this (???) (Rebelling/Kurt Cobain years)
I then became quite obsessed with Karma Sutra (THE FILM!!!). It's such an awful film but as a teen I thought it was absolutely beautiful. Years later I worked with Ramon Tikaram who starred in it and I had to confess my love for him and tell him how obsessed I was. (What a dork I am).
I then wanted to get married in a Sari. I still like this idea. Typically it seemed the Sari I had in mind was some saucy version.
In later years I think I improved. I've always loved Penelope Cruz. I'm not a fan of her English speaking films but with any love for Almodovar, you have to love his muse. I kept this picture floating around for a while. Mum liked this one:
I sent Mum a new one just last week. Mum mentioned it's wedding dress number 5849394878494.
This one makes more sense than any really. While it isn't from a is inspired by Black Swan and is worn by actress Mila Kunis. As you all know my childhood and adulthood obsession has always been Ballet. Mila recently wore a this dress on the cover of L.A weekly.
It would make sense that my ultimate dress encompasses all that I love. To me Ballet (like movies) opens a door in my heart. It fills me with love and reminds me never to stop being passionate.
I'm not sure how many more dresses I'll send my Mum. Considering I'm currently in love with Katy Perry- it could be a latex jumpsuit any day now.

I Thor't about it again.

I keep looking up Thor things. Maybe I did like it? Take away the 3D headache and my romance gripe...I think it's grown on me. I had a hilarious conversation about it at work. I am rarely swayed by anyone else's opinion but a mate at work did point out that the romance between Thor and Jane needed to happen so that he could map out some sort of moral code and become the king his Father always wanted him to be. Part of being worthy of the Hammer is being aware of what is worth fighting for and that is love!
Ha ha ha- such deep conversations for such a silly film.
I am so excited about The Avengers now....Tony Stark AND Thor (and the rest).
I'm also excited about X-men. And Captain America.
That is all.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Thor Thor.

You know I love super hero films.
Did I love Thor? I think it's always a pretty good sign how quickly I head to the shop to buy a figurine.
No Thor Figurine for me.
Thor is pretty dumb.
This review will be pretty dumb.
I'm sleepy and I shouldn't be writing Pollywood now.
I liked this movie and I didn't like this movie (See what I mean).

Firstly, I got a headache. Do not see it in 3D. It is pointless and it made me feel ill. I can usually handle 3D but some of the fight sequences were jumbled and reminded me of Transformers 2. It's no way near as bad as that pile of poo. It's's just not Polly good. I have high superhero standards.
Secondly I didn't like the costumes. They all looked digital. Anthony Hopkins looked like he was wearing a giant undone zipper.

I did think that Chris Hemsworth was actually quite good. He caught my attention in the latest Star Trek. He was on screen for all of 5 minutes playing Captain Kirk Senior. His voice has this deep gravatis that really suits roles like this.
I think Chris could be one to watch.
Natalie Portman just seemed totally miscast. She is always lovely and didn't do anything wrong. But I just didn't believe her.
The key with super hero films is you have to 100% believe in it. I believe that Christian Bale believed he was Batman. I believed Robert Downey Jnr as Ironman. I didn't believe Anthony Hopkins. It was a lazy performance by my favourite Man. (I forgive you Anthony).
The first 2 thirds of the film were a lot of fun. The fish out of water routine when Thor landed on Earth was actually really funny.
What killed me was this sudden romance. After battling to save realms, killing ice giants, restoring the throne and retrieving his hammer.....he has a 10 minute chat with Natalie by a fire and KAPOW it's alllll about her.
Why ruin a rad film with a dumb romance? Is it for the girls? I'm a girl and I don't like it. I just want Thor to hit stuff with his hammer.
Some of the effects are amazing. I'd like to see it in 2D so they don't hurt my brain.
I saw Thor with my rad pal Matt. That made it fun.
See it.
In 2D.
More this:
Less this:

Sleeping Beauty

The less I say about this trailer the better.
Just watch it.
I am completely intrigued and want to be 'fully restored' as they so spookily put it.

I salute you Bertie.

I saw this film a while ago at the theatre and saw it again on the wkend. I realised I hadn't written up a review. I write about all the films I dislike so vehemently, sometimes I forget to write about the lovely ones.

The King's Speech is beautifully shot, subtly acted and so perfectly cast. I haven't enjoyed a collaboration so much in a long time. It stars Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter and Guy Pearce.

The King's speech tells the true story of King George the lV. Albert 'Bertie' George ascended to the throne after his Brother Edward advocated to marry an twice divorced American.

Albert (Colin Firth) suffers from a debilitating Stammer. His loving wife (Helena Bonham Carter) hires a Perth born elocutionist, Lionel Logue, to help him manage his public speeches and overcome his stutter.
I dare say this film doesn't put a foot wrong.
The cast are sublimely cohesive. Albert and Elizabeth's love and dedication to each other is portrayed with such a subtle honestly. No one 'out acts' each other- each player taking up no more space than they need too. Only true professionals know not to steal a scene and just play off one another. it's a joy to watch.

It's a shame Geoffrey Rush was up against Christian Bale's performance in The fighter at all the awards shows. His warmth and genuine belief in Prince Albert is so human and infectious.

As for Colin Firth....all his accolades are so whole heartedly deserved.

I also thought the art direction was really original. One would assume Lionel's office would be a rambling cavern of literature with mulitple surfaces and textures that mirrired his theatrical tendancies. Instead the cast were often set against a solitary wall that looked like one of Monet's pools. It was so simple and almost quite modern. I loved it.

Sometimes it is nice to see a movie that just makes you smile. This film fills your heart with good will and joy. You are behind Albert every step of the way. I highly recommend it.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cheeky bum.

Some Twitter profiles crack me up: So many stars say : Actress, Activist, Philanthropist, world changer, matyr, perfumist, Jeepers!! I thought you played make believe in front of a camera!

Look for Metal Skeletons. Dead Giveaway.

Terminator Fans: According to James Cameron Skynet went fully operational on Wednesday night at 20.11. At work last night I tried to figure out who was the Terminator amongst us. I came to the conclusion it was our head of Construction Dean. I quietly whispered to him "When are you going to reveal yourself and wipe all of us out". He explained that he was still in 'nice mode' and was leaning more towards T2 Arnie...not T1. 
Terminator fun fact for Easter (???)
Arnie said 78 Words in the first Terminator. That's it.
My Fav: "Your clothes.....give them to me........Now.

In The Forest One Night......

I have two short films I want to make.
Exciting yes. My Maria fiasco was as heart breaking as the opera's she starred in (Yes...I am dramatic).
So I'm starting small. One is completely formed in my mind. One came to me in a dream the other night but isn't quite there yet. Of course I won't mention any details here but what I want to do is plug another friend's short film.
I do this for two reasons: One Sarah, the Director is someone who's aesthetic is very similar to mine and I have faith in her films and ideas. And she is a mate!
I am so impressed with this 'Kickstarter' idea. I will be drawing on great initiatives like this in the future so I'm all for collectively helping people get there dreams up and running.
Have a look:

Well Done Well done.

Congratulations to some pretty Rad mates:
Nash Edgerton's short 'Bear' just got  selected for this year's Cannes film festival. YAY!
Shot by the lovely Adam Arkapaw. I can't wait to see it.

J.C and Bunnies and chocolate and MOVIES

It's that time of year again.
What is it about Jesus movies? I think they just remind me of my childhood. I don't have a religeous family. I don't spend Easter mourning the death of the Messiah. There is a part of me that likes the tradition of some denomination's Easters. I used to spend time with a family who celebrated Greek Easter (Jesusopoulis). We would walk around the block with candles and end up at greek church singing. Without feeling personally connected to it, I did enjoy being part of something so beautiful.
I guess the grandeur of J.C films always struck me. Ben Hur is without a doubt one of the biggest spectacles in film history. I remember so clearly how wowed I was with the Chariot race. It's common knowledge someone actually died shooting that race. Yes you can see it and yes it's awful.

Without any belief system in place the fact is there was a man called Jesus who lived in a time where the punishment for hirachy was crucifiction and that left a huge mark on me when I was little. I remember being fascinated by it. I couldnt believe they nailed people to a cross and left them to die.  I wasn't allowed to watch many grown up movies. I was allowed to watch Eatser movies so these scenes were without a doubt the most full on thing I had ever seen.

Have you seen The Passion Of Christ? I got a migrane watching that film. I sobbed. To think human beings could be so utterly cruel. Mel Gibson never shys away from brutalilty (Apocolypto!!!). His portrayal of the last hours of Jesus' life are more graphic and horrible than any horror movie.

I won't retell in detail my Jesus of Nazareth story. I've told it many times. Safe to say I'm still wounded by the fact no one in my family warned me that he died in the end (I was 6) and I howled for hours.

My rad pal Babz brought up an interesting fact. Do we love Jesus movies because Jesus was the ultimate babe? HA! That made me laugh out loud. I do love hairy men!
Well Happy Easter everyone. Catch a J.C flick. He's an upstanding dude.

Oh and Last Temptation Of Christ....Scorsese does J.C with Willem Dafoe. Ahhhhh it's so great.
And remember.....The Christian faith makes complete sense:
Lets eat easter eggs in the shape of bunny rabbits to celebrate a carpenter that died and then became a zombie.

Jesus Of Nazareth: Babe
The Passion Of Christ: Babe
Last Tempatation: Babe

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Keep you friends close and your cast closer

It seems Christopher Nolan is reprising the Inception cast for his upcoming 'The Dark Knight Rises."
Not only does he have Tom Hardy onboard to play Bane...He has now confirmed Joseph Gordon Levitt as John Blake a Gotham city cop under Commissioner Gordon. He has also confirmed Marion Cottilard as Miranda Tate, a board member at Wayne Enterprises.
I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

How it all began.

I started out in film assisting this Radhead. If it wasn't for her I may have never found my path and lived my dream. We plan to work together again. It may be on Batman (I'm actually serious).
Check out her site:
The free soul is rare, but you  know it when you see it - basically because you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them.”

Charles Bukowskiz

The Master.

I asked for Bobby D. You gave me Bobby D.
Dreams come true.
Now I want Anthony H.
(just in case you were wondering)

na na na na na na na na na na na

Beef with Ham on the side.


It was worth the wait.
I finally got to see The Expendables.
It delivered on so many levels. I shall put it in List form:

Sylvestor Stallone. This Man is the action star of action stars (Sorry dooshed out with the whole Governator thing). Plus Sly wrote and directed Rocky which is a flawless script. It is people. Many people try and over complicate the simple idea of Rocky. He is an underdog who battles the odds and comes out on top. What Sly adds to that film is heart. And love. Don't believe me? Watch it again....1000's of films have tried to copy it's simple structure and failed. And I love grey tracksuits.
Don't get me wrong. This movie isn't Rocky. This movie is a giant Salami sandwich.

Mickey Rourke is in it. EVEN in a dumb (rad) movie like this, he manages to be weighty and dark. He cries in it. And he looks amazing. Is it wrong that I think that? He's like a beat up piece of metal and I love him. Sly and Mickey's scenes together are excellent.
Randy Couture is in it. He is a UFC fighter. Yep.
Bruce Willis is in it. Yep.
Jet Li is in it. He is amazing. His fight scenes are absolutely incredible.
And my little buddy Jason is in it. I can still see all his costume quirks and know he picked out his entire wardrobe down to the necklace.
Sly running for the sea plane and diving for the side door while Jason flies away. It made me giggle out loud.
Jason ON the sea plane shooting a gun at the soldiers miles away on the ground.
Randy Couture punching a baddie in the face while the baddie is on fire.
Eric Roberts as the bad dude. I love that guy.
Token spanish looking hot babe with gypsy top and espadriles. (She reminded me of Kathleen Turner at the end of Romancing The Stone.
They are doing a sequel.
Thank you action god. Thank you.

We do it for the love.

Just a small correction.
I read many film articles on line and always follow Australian films that are being made. Many producers often talk about how they made a film for X amount of money and how films can be made for very little.
Just to clarify: They were not made for that amount of money. Low budget films are made because passionate people give their time and expertise for free. No one on a small budget film is doing it for the money so please stop making the public believe a film can be legitimately made with out ALOT of volunteers.
It undermines the integrity of the Australian film industry. Yes we make great films for low budget. What the producers should talk about is how these films are made because it's people care enough to support great directors and artists and literally work around the clock to make dreams come true.
It's not about money.
So don't mention budgets in your interviews.

First look at Ewan in Jack The Giant Killer. Eeeeeep

Don't answer any of the questions in this blog. The answer is Money.

why are they remaking the girl with the dragon tattoo? WHY?


Here's a tip USA: Pop 'The Girl With A dragon Tattoo' into your DVD player. Now at the bottom of the screen there are words that appear in English at the same time as the characters speak. They are what we call subtitles. They allow you to watch movies from alllllll over the world AND understand what they are saying. Now in terms of the brilliantly layered plots and subtle Scandinavian nuances.....I can't help you there. Maybe just rent The Hangover.

I'm digressing.

I know that 99% of Americans won't see a foreign film. I know it needs to be remade in English.

What erks me about remaking this particular film is America will glorify the shocking violence in it. They will not capture the strong European themes about secret societies that can only exist and thrive in an immensely conservative place like Sweden. That is what the movie (and book) is about! 
Without that theme the violence will be gratuitous.
The Millennium series is stark, super stylish, icy cold and unmistakably Nordic.

Breathe Polly.

America: There are literally thousands of people in your own country writing incredible scripts. Why not read some of them (No not just the one's the Weinsteins hand you while you sip a brewski at some fat dick party).

Why not put someone like Noomi Rapace on Letterman? Why not send your big stars out to present these films (As Tarantino does....go Quentin). I KNOW the answer. I know. Money money.

But seriously: You are remaking movies that A) stand alone and garnered success through critical acclaim and B) you can't recreate style and setting and themes that are just simply NOT American.

If you are then just re imagining a great idea. Well that's lazy. It's lazy and it bores me.
You bore me.

I guess all I can do is avoid these remakes and enjoy the originals. I'm already sick of every single great American film being re-done.

And while I'm angry: You can't recapture the naive beauty and eerie isolation of 'Let The Right One In'. It's Swedish. Oh wow. You renamed it 'Let me in'. Americans must have been struggling with those 2 extra words.

Oh and The Ring allowed Naomi Watts to NEARLY give a 3 dimensional performance. Pity you lost all the quirky Japanese style.

Have you seen 'Brothers'? with Natalie Portman and Jake Gyllenhal? Mmmm try seeing Brothers...the Danish original. It's commentary on war and those it leaves behind is far more poignant when the family are faced with the harsh Danish winters.

How about Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz? She did the Spanish original 'Open Your Eyes' which is really good and actually makes sense.

Oh and if you really struggle with foreign films that are actually in English: America remade Death At A Funeral but they made all the cast African American because that makes sense.

Ok I'm done.

See Girl With A Dragon Tattoo. You will see what I mean. Words can't explain how that film should not be remade.

If they remake Amelie of Pan's Labyrinth. I'm out.

P.S...The last pic is not me's The

Monkey monkey

This doesn't look so bad! I'm not a huge fan of the Planet Of The Apes franchise but it's an interesting prequel idea. Most of my Wellington Pals work at Weta digital so I'm always interested to see the stuff they have been working on.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Melbourne boys done good.

WOW this looks great.
James Wan and Leigh Whannel are the Melbourne lads who wrote and directed SAW. Despite the fact the Saw franchise is now a bit of a joke, the original film and it's concept are pure genius. It was the first in a whole new genre of horror films and no other film has quite matched such an original idea.
Their new film Insidious stars some great Aussie talent including Rose Byrne, Angus Sampson and Leigh himself.
Ohhh the trailer is scary...what is that weird red faced thing? (is it darth maul?)
Can't wait to see it.

Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind

This looks interesting. A film about a conspirsy story that I've heard many times: Did William Shakespeare write his plays or was it some secret bard.
I like the radiohead soundtrack