Monday, February 28, 2011

Catch up.

I am a terrible blogger.
As I watched the oscars yesterday I realised there a quite a few very significant films I forgot to blog about.  I really don't like to review a film months after seeing it. I will, however, do a quick summary of a few really great films. The highlight of the Oscars for me was of course Javier. He came on stage in a white tuxedo and giggled a lot. I can't WAIT to see Biutiful. Have I said that before? I'm sorry.
Ok here goes......

Saturday, February 26, 2011


The Sequel to Clash Of The Titans is called.........
Wait for it............
Wrath Of The Titans.
In other brain fell out.

Mess with Matt. Mess with me.

These days, a movie franchise is truly bigger than the film itself or any respectability it may have garnered. The studios just don't know when to stop.
They are making a fourth 'Bourne' film without Matt Damon. Why? WHY? Matt Damon doesn't want to do it? Surely because it is done and dusted and he doesn't see the need to do another. Does that not mean ANYTHING to the studios? It's just all about the dollar isn't it. It's easier than coming up with something new. Heaven forbid a studio exec had to put down his skim iced frap latte and pick up a new script to read.
I'm really really really sick of it. I'm guessing it will be something like 'Bourne, The Early Days' starring Zac Effron.
Super dumb.

"It is not violence that best overcomes hate — nor vengeance that most certainly heals injury"

I've said it before and I'm posting it again. I just can't WAIT to see the new version of Jane Eyre. Mia looks perfect and it's a really different role for Michael Fassbender. I'm only a recent fan of his work. I actually thought he was great in 300! I then realised it was the same actor who starred in Steve Mcqueen's 'Hunger' (have you seen that? Ahhh it's amazing). Fassbender is also playing Madneto in the upcoming Xmen. It seems he is finally getting some big parts.
In this role he will play the devilish Mr Rochester. My Mum showed me a BBC production of Jane Eyre when I was a teenager. Mr Rochester was played by Bond man Timothy Dalton. I was both frightened of him and in love with him. He's a great character.
Just can't wait!!!

Bit of a ramble ramble.

Today I either feel like watching some old favourites: Hilary And Jackie or Breaking The Waves.
Both star the oh so lovely Emily Watson.
Hilary And Jackie tells the true story of the incredible Cellist Jacqueline Du Pre and her debilitating battle with multiple sclerosis.
Emily Watson always manages to play such incredibly powerful roles with a very unique child-like quality. Jacqueline Du Pre was notoriously difficult. Here, you see how both her family and her awful disease would have contributed to this.
She was quite easily the best cellist that ever lived. I love the cello.
For me, the violin is often too flowery and I much prefer listening to cello pieces. Jacqueline's most famous piece was Elgar's concerto in E minor. It is absolutely beautiful. I used to drive around Mum's car in Wellington listening to it and conjuring up storms that would sweep me away.

Another incredible performance by Emily is in Lars Von Trier's harrowing Breaking The Waves.
I remember I went to see it with my Mum at the paramount theatre. As we were waling in, my Uncle Paddy and his wife Madeline were walking out.  Madeline was an absolute mess and looked like she might pass out. I was quite nervous to see what made her so upset. Two hours later I  walked out in a very similar state. Breaking The Waves is Lars Von Trier at his best. I don't think he's ever matched that film. He does manage to take his female leads to a place I dare say none would ever go again. After Bjork starred in his pic Dancer In The Dark, she swore off acting for life.
My bestie Sarah and I watched Dancer about 8 years ago in our flat in Nicholson street. I remember our other flatmates getting home and thinking someone had died. Sarah and I were on the floor sobbing our eyes out! Isn't it great when a film does that to you. (Or am I just a sucker for tears?)
Below are a few clips of both Hilary and Jackie and Breaking The Waves and also a clip of the real Jacqueline playing that piece.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Now showing: The inside of my eyelids.

Most nights I fall asleep watching a movie
(or of late: Sons Of Anarchy).
Every single night  I have the same conversation with myself in my head and it goes as follows:
"I'm sleepy.....I should stop watching movie.....I'll just watch 30mins more. eyes are closing....
 I want to watch it........... I'll just watch 10 mins more............... maybe I can just listen to it and still know what's happening."
and then I'm out like a light.
Every time I convince myself that LISTENING to a movie at the end of the night is a good idea.
Ha ha. I find this funny. What a silly sausage.

Monday, February 21, 2011


The next Terminator is going to be written and directed by the people who made The Fast And The Furious series.
That sentence hurts my brain.


The incredible Guillermo Del Torro has released the first images from his upcoming stop-motion film Pinocchio. I'm so excited to see this. Nick Cave is doing the music!!! Eeeeeeeee.
Here's what Guillermo had to say about it:
"I believe that our tale of PINOCCHIO recaptures the darker, more daunting aspects of the book that have been missing from previous film incarnations and takes advantage of all the allegorical aspects of the tale. "

Just a little more sad face.

Still pretty sad today about my Maria Callas dream. A lot of what I feel can be summed up by Maria herself. Watch the link below (until about min 3.25)'s amazing.
I only hope Eva Mendes grows some acting chops and gives this woman the movie she deserves.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

La Mamma Morta.

News released today that a movie is to be made about my Maria Callas. Seems silly to call her mine as she has a legion of fans. But Maria has been in my heart and mind for many many years now. My Mum took me to see Madame Butterfly when I was about 14 and I soon fell in love with all the great operas- most of which I've seen a few times. Maria was the true queen of the opera world. She was the driving force in my creative endevours. I have been slowly but surely working on a film idea about a very specific period of her life. It seems my idea was a little too ambitious for lil' old me and the big wigs in hollywood have picked it up.
I'm sad to hear this film is being made. It was my dream.
I only hope they do her justice. I only hope Eva Mendes isn't just a pretty face. Maria Callas is an intensely complex woman who could easily be portrayed as a Diva with no heart. Her love affair with Aristotle Onassis was one of tabloid fodder.  This story shouldn't be sensationalised.
I'm sad today. It will take me a while to find something I'm this passionate about.

Here is a beautiful quote Anthony sent me that I have on my really sums up the story I wanted to tell:

There are times when certain people are blessed--and cursed--with an extraordinary gift, in which the gift is almost greater than the human being. Callas was one of these people. It was as if her own wishes, her life, her own happiness were all subservient to this incredible, incredible gift.

Here was my movie poster:

Sunday Love

We planned Sunday.
The plan went as follows: Invite friends over. Cook excellent food including meat on a spit. Take TV outside into the garden. Watch movies all day.
Some excellent films were watched, all old favourites and all not too challenging for a Sunday brain.
First up was Spinal Tap. This movie just doesn't get old for me. I could watch it for the costumes alone.
Next we watched The Princess Bride. There was one amongst us who had never seen it before so Beth and I tried very hard not to quote every single line in the film. We did decide to take a sip of our vodka soda's every time Vizzini said 'inconceivable' but he exits the movie a little too soon for that to be effective.
Every character in The Princess Bride is brilliant. I particularly love the sword fight between Inigo Montoya and Westley. I also am always reminded of how I used to want to get married in the red cloak dress buttercup wears. How ridiculous.
Next up was Beetle juice. It's hard to concentrate for hours on end when there are people to chat to and food to eat so I must admit, Beetlejuice received only half of my attention. Not to say I don't love it. It's such an insight into what's to come for Mr Burton. His aesthetic has never changed and is so undeniably unique. It also reminded me how under used Michael Keaton has been. He made a good (not great) Batman and really hasn't done much for me since.
"Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice."
Last up was Pointbreak. Pointbreak was perfect for this hour. It was now dark, the blankets had come out and the Vodka had turned into cider. There was a lot of talking over it but I managed to just catch Anthony Kiedis' "That may be a waste of time" and Keanu's "He's....not....coming....back....". I was happy. It made me miss Patrick Swayze. He made Byron bay hemp pants look good in this film.
What a great day. I went to bed happy.... (and watched.......more movies).

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Movie of the week.

West Side Story.

There's a place for us,
A time and place for us.
Hold my hand and we're halfway there.
Hold my hand and I'll take you there
Some day,

Russell's dream of being bathed by Helen Mirren came true.

What do we think of this? Another vehicle for old Russ to play himself? Do we mind?

Big people.

Nicholas Hoult is set to star in a re-thinking of the fairy tale Jack and The Beanstalk. He will lead an army of people into the land of giants to rescue a princess. Also rumoured is the radical Bill Nighy and Stanley Tucci. Sounds right up my alley. I'm excited!

The Kids Are Alright....but the Mom's are overacting.

The Kids Are Alright.
This film was recommended to me by a number of people. I was interested in seeing it as the cast is made up of some of my favourite actors.
Both Annette Benning and Julianne Moore are flawless in nearly all their films. Mia Wasikowska holds a special place in my heart as she was one of the first people I worked with and such a treasure. Finally Mark Ruffallo stars and he is still someone I think is largely undervalued in hollywood and is yet to find a role worthy of his talents.
The Kids Are Alright is about a family of four: Benning and Moore are married and have both Mothered a child by sperm donation. They live a perfectly normal life and it is this that you are reminded of every step of the way.....until a man arrives.
I was annoyed from the outset. Do I have a right to be? I'm not gay so I don't know if it was offensive across the board. For for me, it just felt so forced, so cliched and so overacted. Why does Julianne Moore have to lower her voice register and sound like a man? Why does Annette Benning have to dress like Ellen? Why can't people play gay people without both forcing the stereotypes AND playing against them so obviously? Why when in so many other roles they are somewhat themselves do they feel the need to completely transform their voices etc?
I found the children really natural and lovely to watch and their complete unaffected attitudes towards their same sex parents felt far more real to me.
But what really really irked me was something that was pointed out to me before I saw it. Mark Ruffalo is quite simply the bad penis!
Ruffalo plays the kids' sperm donor. Mia's character turns eighteen and with her brother decides to track down her donor Dad and get to know him.
All goes well until  Ruffalo's laconic charm brings already formed cracks to the surface. An affair ensues and the family is driven apart.
When everything comes out in the open, Mark is hastily banished from the family circle. Understandably the children would find it hard to accept what he did but it really felt to me like the females could do no wrong and he was this evil 'Man' who came in and recked everything with his penis! It takes 2 to tango.
I'm sure many people will disagree with me. But this film did nothing to dispel the notion that Lesbians are essentially man haters.
Ahhhhh I could go on. I did not like it. Not one bit.

Friday, February 11, 2011

OK so ANY credibility I have is about to vanish.....

It's about bunnies.
Russell Brand is the easter bunny.
It looks stupid
I will see it opening day.

Pre Hugh.

Excited? I don't know. Generally, I like the original cartoon more than the films. But I think this could be good....

I forgot about these gems.

I'm going to keep this simple. Have you seen the following three films by artist and director Julian Schnabel? They are three of my favourites. I am also looking forward. to seeing his upcoming release Miral starring Freida Pinto (beautiful girl in the boring Slumdog Millionaire). I wrote the blog entry: 'Mixing it up' about artists and photographers who move into the world of film. Julien Schnabel is someone I forgot to mention and was pointed out in my lovely comments section.

Basquiat documents the explosive but brief artistic career of Jean Michel Basquiat. His street smart art captured the heart of the infamous Andy Warhol and they went on to create some radical pieces together. Jeffery Wright is amazing as Basquiat and Gary Oldman stars as Julien Scnabel himself.

Before Night Falls is based on the autobiography by Reinaldo Arenas. Reinaldo was an openly gay poet who struggled to express himself both artisitically and sexually in a strictly communist 70's Cuba. Javier Bardem is (of course) amazing and Johnny depp makes a great cross dresser.

The Diving Bell and The Butterfly (Le Scaphandre et le Papillon) is an incredible film based on the true story of Jean Dominique Bauby. Jean-Dominique was the editor of French Elle magazine. He suffered a stroke and was left paralysed, speechless and only being able to move his left eyelid. Sounds ridiculous, I know but his story is completely inspiring. I won't say anything more....just make sure you add these three to your list. I want to watch them all a row.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Iron Lady

Gosh she's good.

Check out a pic from the upcoming biopic The Iron Lady.
Meryl Streep plays Margaret Thatcher (clearly!). I'm intrigued.

yada yada

First image of Rooney Mara who is starring as the incredible Lisbeth in the American remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I'm still not happy about this remake but she does look the part. You may have seen her in the brilliant Social Network. She played Mark's girlfriend who participated in some of the best opening dialogue I have seen in a film. She may be one to watch.
Wish it wasn't in a stupid remake.


No no no no no no no no no.

Christopher Nolan has begun casting his next Batman instalment The Dark Knight Rises. GUESS who is gong to play Catwoman/Selina Kyle.....Anne Hathaway! nooooooooooooooo! NO!
Not right not right not right. Not sexy, not evil, not anything!!!
I trust Mr Nolan but he will have to work very hard to convince me this is the right choice. (That's why he makes movies....for me.)
Other cast members include Tom Hardy as Bane and rumoured Joseph Gordon Levitt as an unknown.
I don't know what to think.
Deep down I just wish Heath was here.


I heart Bellucci.

One of my all time favourite actresses Monica Bellucci has released a book of photos. She has to be one of the most beautiful woman of all time no? If you haven't seen her in a film- be brave (be very brave) and watch the completely disturbing but utterly incredible 'Irreversible'. She stars in this 2002 French film with her husband Vincent Cassel (Who you no doubt all saw in Black Swan). 
Their intimacy and comfort is so apparent in the film. Oh gosh....I almost don't want to recommend it as it is such a hard watch....but so worth it. Anyhoo.... aside from Irreversible, take a look at this Italian beauty at her best.