Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Don't fall Luke......you'll hit.........a bed.

The Point is ladies and gentlemen that greed for the lack of a better word is good

Gosh I enjoyed this movie. Bizarre considering the fact I didnt understand half of the dialogue. When it comes to the Stock market, I am usually getting a cup of tea when that sections comes on the news.
Gordon Gecko is a character worth revisitng. The film looked brilliant. New York never looked so shiney and fast and exciting. The cast were excellent...I like Shia Le Beaof. My friends are divided when it comes to Shia. Generally I find guys dont like him as much but I think I have a little crush on him in the same way I had a little crush on a young Tom Hanks. He's slightly clownish and I like a clown. Carey Mulligan is suitably teary and adorable. Then there's Frank Langella. He is such a fine, strong, beautiful old soul. He is my new favourite. It seems when I like a movie, I write a very brief review, I guess it's more compelling to write about how much you hate something. I liked this film and suggest you see it. Oh and before I forget (How could I forget?) Michael Douglas is excellent. I am such a fan. I remember loving him as Jack in Romancing The Stone which had seriously dated now. Get well soon Michael Douglas.xxx