Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tarsem Singh's Snow White

The first images have been released for the upcoming Snow White by the incredible Director Tarsem Singh. Tarsem Singh's films reach beyond the realms of reality and take you on a magical trip to a Dali-esque parallel universe. If you haven;t seen his work: Check out The Cell or The Fall.
I am counting down to this one:

I.Can't. Wait.

Hi. How Are You???

Something happened to me.
Something happened to Pollywood. I can't quite put it into words and that has basically been the problem: I can't seem to be able to put anything into words! I just haven't had the urge or desire to write at all! No words have been written for so long and I almost thought about erasing Pollywood and just forgetting about it.

I have sat down many times after seeing new films and tried to bring myself to write but I just couldn't.
I put it down to tiredness. I put it down to the fact I have seen few movies of late. But none of it made sense.

I am and always will be obsessed with films, even when I am not watching them. I get excited about films, angry about films and sad about films all the time. This is what I usually share on my little blog but alas, of late, I have shared nothing.
It is still a mystery to me but today I watched a film that reminded me how much I love to write Pollywood and how important it is to me to record all my little rantings and ravings.

I am currently working on a show with my new friend and fellow Filmster  Cam Eason. We have exchanged film stories, recommended films to watch and I have even read one of  his scripts.
Somehow one of our conversations turned to the film 'Shakespeare In Love'. I quickly dismissed the movie, saying I didn't really like it. I recalled it being cheesy and over-acted and particularly didn't like Joseph Fiennes as William Shakespeare
As I said these words I realised that I wasn't telling the truth. I was in fact just grumpy, tired and dismissive.
I loved this film when it came out. It tells the tale of William Shakespeare and how he came to write the most beautiful play of all time 'Romeo and Juliet'.
After disagreeing with Cam, who loved the film. I felt a pang in my heart. I realised that I have become somewhat jaded of late. My romantic, whimsical and always dreaming heart has been a little lost.

All I have been doing lately is working. Usually my work helps to feed my soul. It allows the kid in me to be wowed by the wonder that is film-making. Presently, however, I find myself working on something that doesn't give me much artistic satisfaction at all. I think that it has worn me out a little and I have forgotten how important it is for me to record all the things I love.

I watched Shakepeare In Love again today. I cried as he recited the closing monologue in Romeo and Juliet. I cried when Romeo didn't receive the Friar's message and I cried when William dedicated his following play twelth night to his beloved Viola.
It wasn't cheesy, it was beautiful. I thought Joseph Fiennes was lovely. I felt like a cloud had been lifted and I felt compelled to write this  on Pollywood

And so I am going to start again. I am going to remind myself every day that my current job will allow me to go to Paris and write my own little film. I am going to remind myself that I am inspired by the films I watch, I am inspired by the people I meet in my job and I am inspired by the man in my life who I love so much
I am going to write as much as I can- even when I'm tired from work.

I have lots of things to tell you. I saw the last Harry Potter for goodness sake! That was a momentous occasion!

So I'm sorry I disappeared. I'm back and I'm as Nerdy as ever.