Sunday, June 6, 2010

Roads? Where we're going we dont need any roads.

Did you know that in the original script for Back to The Future there was no Delorean and Marty was going to time travel in a Fridge! Imagine that! Tee hee.

Parting of the Nerd seas.

Ha ha ha. This made me giggle. On any film, I always seek out anyone who worked on the Star wars films. I recently met one of the make-up artists and he had some rad stories. He explained how many of the prosthetic creatures were still played by humans (despite most of it being CGI). As a treat to Star wars nerds, many of the casting calls for these roles were put to super duper nerdy Star wars club members They didn't, however, think to cast people who actually knew what it felt like to wear a giant prosthetic head all day. Apparently many a nerd had panic attacks and often on set you would see one either drop to the ground or run around in circles screaming "Get it off". ha ha ha. How funny. He also explained that NO ONE was allowed to touch R2 D2. At all times there had to be a 2 metre gap between yourself and R2. On a few occasions R2D2 would go a bit crazy and his controls wouldn't work (He was operated much like a remote control car with a little person inside). R2 would buzz around in all directions and people would be literally jumping out of his way so they wouldn't break the 2 metre rule. I can just see this god like robot parting great seas of people wherever he went. So silly and fun.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dear Rusty. I know what you did. You brute.

Robin Hood
Director: Ridley Scott.
Starring: Rusty Crowe, Cate Blanchett, Mark Strong.

I have read some really interesting articles about this film and also worked with people in the UK who worked on it. This film had a lot of issues in pre production and now that I've seen it, it truely does reek of a troubled script.
It just didnt seem to know what it was. This movie was originally going to be a story about The Sheriff of Nottingham. After many many re-writes they decided to concentrate on how a soldier of England's battered army became Robin Hood. Russell Crowe is still so watchable. He is such an ARSE. I have heard some nightmare stories about him and would never want to work with him but I can watch any of his movies. Cate Blanchett shines as Maid Marion. That woman is a blessing to cinema. 90% of hollywood's actresses need to take a leaf out of her book. Her face moves! Her beauty is original and with that comes a subtlety and softness to her acting. I can't differentiate most other actresses style or facial expressions. She isnt afraid to be real and in this film she stood out for me. The chemistry between our two leads almost worked. They are strong personalities on and off the screen and I felt a mutual admiration. I bet she didnt take any of his shit. The battle scene at the beginning was great. Aside form that, I found myself checking my phone-not a good sign. It ended with me not really caring a whole bunch about what happens next. I dont think Ridley and Rusty can recreate the magic of Gladiator. Best move on boys.

Dream Big.

It has been a long time since I have sat down and dedicated some time to Pollywood. As I mentioned before I have been too busy working on a film to make one. Im working on 'The Killer Elite'. It's a big old action Thriller with Jason Stratham, Clive Owen and ROBERT DE NIRO. Before I tell you about the film.......I cant go past ROBERT DENIRO. About 10 years ago I told my Mum that I had decided I wanted to work on movies. I remember she asked me who would be my ultimate actor to work with and I replied "Robert De Niro". As my Dad always says "Be careful what you wish for, it may come true.". Well I wished for De Niro and I got him! It I cant wait to see him work. I would be happy to meet the guy so I'm really over the moon that I will actually witness James 'Jimmy' Conway, Jake La Motta , Vito Corleone and Travis Bickle!!!! Weeeee.
So yes, Im working crazy hours and have very little time or energy to see many films. I have seen a few and will write a brief review. I'm deciding whether I should write about 'The Killer Elite'. I should be careful not to spill any secrets. Jeepers I know a few! I must say that the Australian cast have been so much fun. We have a pool of talent here. Trust a film from overseas to pick out winners like Ben Mendelsohn, Michael Dorman, Billie Brown and Aden Young.
So. Here are some of the films I've managed to squeeze into my wkends.
You talkin to me?
Are you talkin to me?