Monday, March 28, 2011

I miss you.

I'm sorry. I have sunk into the abyss of work. Every day I think of things I want to write about on Pollywood but my tired head can't bring myself to type.
I am working on a feature film here in Melbourne. This time I am designer. This is only the second feature film I have designed. I am excited and exhausted. Every day I realise that while I am so thankful for the years I have done and the experience  have garnered- I still have a lot to learn.
I'm working with some lovely people. I never tire of meeting new and interesting people. I think it's half the  reason I do what I do.
So I'm sorry if Pollywood is a little quiet. I will be back in a month and unemployed and trawling every nerd site for interesting film news. I have saved lots of post ideas and also a review of the incredible 'Biutiful'.
Lots of Love

Friday, March 18, 2011

Deathly Hallows. So. Excited. I may wee a little.

They've just released a behind the scenes snippet from the final Harry Potter film. I can't believe it's actually ending. It's been a part of my movie nerdom for so long now.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Go to sleep Polly. Do not ramble.

Last night one of my dear friends Jody had her 30th birthday party. It was an enchanted night with a storybook theme. It truly was magical. How this relates to films you ask? Well this particular bunch of people are a crew of folks I have worked with over the years. Many of them I met and grew to love on the film 'Rogue'. As I looked around the room last night I felt so grateful that my job has brought me so many incredible friends.
I don't see these people enough but when I do it's like nothing has changed. I love that. I also get so inspired talking to so many rad heads that always seem to be embarking on some adventure in the world of make believe and film.
This may all sound airy fairy.....I am writing this on about 1 hour sleep. My point is that not only do I love my job because it creatively challenges and pushes me, it also puts people in my life that are extraordinary.
Check out my pal Jody's website....just a taste of her unique ability to capture light like no other.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oh Terry.

Around this time last year I was packing up my DVD collection in London. I went through a big Marlon Brando phase and most of the films I bought there were his. Have you seen On The Water front? Next to Streetcar, it's one of my favourite

“You don’t understand– I could-a had class.  
                                 I could-a been a contender.
I could-a been somebody… instead of a bum, which is what I am– let’s face it.”
-Marlon Brando  in “On the Waterfront”

Now I'm excited.

Ohhh look at Hugo Weaving as Captain Red Skull in Captain America.
Super Rad.


Bumble bee.

Don't know what to think or who to trust. The soundtrack already hurts. Can Michael Idiot Bay redeem himself? Watch link and decide.

Movie Of the week.

As I dream of France, of love and of never ever letting go of the child who rules my heart and mind, I remember Amelie. Wasn't Audrey Tatou such a find. She reminds me of Bambi with those big doe eyes.
Such a beautiful film.
She sees bunnies in the sky.
I see them bursting out of fire hydrants.

Tim Burton's next project

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame with Josh Brolin.

Interesting article on Britain's recent accolades and the effect on it's industry.

I blame Gertie in E.T....

Sometimes I watch really rubbish films. What's worse is sometimes they get to me.
I am completely aware that somewhere in L.A there is a large chart with a formula for shit romantic comedies and depending on my romantic state of mind, I must fall into a demographic that these films are made for.
Exhibit A:
Going The Distance. Have you seen it?
You can't actually sink lower in terms of formula, rubbish acting and predictability.
Firstly it stars Drew Barrymore. Drew is adorable but she can't act.
Secondly it stars that absolute git from the Mac ads Justin Long. He annoys me immensely.
Add 2 side kick idiot mates for Justin and an overbearing anal sister for Drew and you have a stupid, formulaic film. Oh and the story line  (hardly worth a mention):  Two people meet, fall in love, try to have  long distance relationship, fail and then succeed. The end.
What is totally tragic is that I enjoyed it!
I understand the pains of long distance relationships. It is my present predicament and one that frustrates me in such a relatable way. Perhaps it's as simple as that.
I apologise for liking this film. Don't seek it out. But don't turn it off if it's on the telly.
The phone sex scene is hilarious.
I'm sorry.
P.S I'm sorry.

Dear Clark, Bruce, Peter and Tony. Bruce wins.

I don't like Superman.
I don't.
I like a lot of superheroes and it may pain fellow nerds but I find him boring.
Nerd fact: Superman is the only super hero who's alter ego is his human role. Batman, Ironman and Spiderman are all human and turn into their alter egos whereas Superman is an alien. Doesn't make him interesting though.
I've had many an argument about superman. When I worked on The Eagle, I stood on the side of a mountain in Scotland arguing with one of the seal people 'Bemn' about him He was a big fan and it pained him that I was such a nerd with no regard for his ultimate hero. He went to great lengths to tell me  about what Superman represented but I just didn't buy it. Sorry Bemn.
BUT: They are making a new superman movie. I didn't even see the last one.
There are a few people attached to this new film that have given me a little hope.
One is the director Zack Snyder who is responsible for the excellent Watchmen and the radically violent 300. I loved 300. I own it. It's the closest thing to UFC fighting on screen.
Secondly....Superman is set to be played by the delicious Henry Cavill. Don't know him? Oh shame. He's been in nothing of merit. He's in The Tudors (Days Of Our Lives with tights or as Beth likes to call it our"Sexy Bonnet show").
He is beautiful. Simply gorgeous. I could watch him pick his nose.
So I'm intrigued. I still think Clark's a dork but with Zack and Henry, I'm willing to jump on the nerd train and pop my knickers on over my jeans.

I clicked "LIKE".

I think that The Social Network is one of my favourite films of last year. I think that it's success is largely thanks to an exceptional script by Aaron Sorkin. The dialogue is incredibly fast, incredibly concise and utterly entertaining. The cast is brilliant. Jesse Eisenberg plays Mark Zuckerberg so perfectly. I promptly watched loads of real interviews with Mark and Jesse captures his quirks brilliantly.
Justin Timberlake seems set to become quite good actor. Is that too much? Can you be a radical pop star and a great actor? I'm a fan so I'm slightly biased. I went to see Justin Timberlake in concert. Yes I did. The people sitting next to me asked me where my friends were. I promptly pointed to a bunch of strangers and waved at them. "There they are". A bemused bunch of people waved back. Captain no mates squealing at captain sexy back.
Facebook is a part of my life. I hate to admit it but it is. This movie felt like a landmark in a time that is completely relatable to me and my generation.
I'm in the matrix that is facebook and watching it's beginnings and fall outs was absolutely fascinating.

The skin around your nails

I tend to get caught up in things. I get very excited about an upcoming film and build it up, sometimes to my detriment. If I know one of my favourite directors or actors is starring in an upcoming release I look at every interview, every article until I've exhausted every bit of information.
If a film comes out that also feeds one of my  life obsessions then I'm in real trouble.
Along came Black Swan. Firstly, second to Pedro, I think Darren Aronofsky may be one of my favourite directors. Requiem For A Dream and The Wrestler are up there with my favourite films of all time.
Secondly Vincent Cassel (who has a very minor role as it turns out) is also a favourite actor.
Finally it's about ballet dancers. My soul aches when I think of ballet. I truly love the path my career is on but jeepers I sometimes wish I was a ballet dancer. For me, it is an expression of art, beauty and love that I can only imagine portraying.
The one reservation I had about Black Swan was Natalie Portman. While I think Natalie is an intensely intelligent and beautiful young woman, I have not connected with many of her roles.
She was exceptional in The Professional but beyond that, I wasn't so sure. She harnessed some sort of her intensity in the film Closer but again that related more to her beauty than her skill as an actress.
In Black Swan. I think Natalie came into her own.
Leonardo Dicaprio went through a weirdly awkward phase where he was neither boy or man. I feel Natalie was the same.
She is now a woman.
Black Swan's story is simple: A ballerina's obsession with gaining and perfecting the coveted role of the white/black swan.
While watching it I felt like someone had pinched my arm and continued to twist and twist until the pain was unbearable.
Black Swan, for me, was a visceral, obsessive, sexually charged  melo-drama. It hurtled me into a definite heightened view of ballet and it's pitfalls and let me live out one human's obsession to the point of self harm.
Natalie's performance was brilliant. What was real, what was fantasy? Does it really matter? I usually pick a film apart but this time I just let it visually wash over me.
Every part of me reacted to this film: My heart, my soul, my head and my groin.
See this film.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's no sonnet.

I hate the way my blog doesn't post what I write correctly. It cuts off sentences and starts a new sentence with one word at the end of a line. The lay-out is shocking. I apologise if it's awful to read. I'm sending electrical currents to the design team and shocking them into punctual submission.

Oh Mr Darcy.

Colin Firth is the toast of the town with his win for the beautiful The King's Speech. As I watched him so humbly accept his academy award, I thought back to all the roles I've loved him in. He is the epitomy of english grace and reserve. While many people (females) are a fan of the bumbling brit Hugh Grant, I am more a fan of this british gem. His filmography may not be gritty and challenging but he adds an air of grace, depth and intelligence to even the most soapy of roles.
There are a few guilty pleasures in his filmography. Namely Brdiget Jone's Diary and Love Actually. I like these films. I'm sorry I do. I'll write about 10 more foreign, art-house films to win you back but honestly: I love a brit comedy romance. I love them. Colin's name in Briget Jones is Mark Darcy. Oh Mark Darcy, oh glee, oh wit; Such a silly nod to his excellent portrayal of Mr Darcy in BBC's BEST Pride And Prejudice. Have you seen it? Please do. I have rambled about Colin in A Single Man already. His portrayal of grief and love is so delicate and restrained. It pinched my heart.
I am so happy the big comglomerate that is hollywood is finally recognising such a great british actor.