Sunday, November 14, 2010


When I feel down, unlucky, lost or just a little low, I think of this film. I think of Ramon and feel a deep sense of Joy. He taught me to cherish my life. I am a human being who is free to feel and love and live with every bit of my body and soul. Bless you Ramon. Most people think I love Javier because he is so utterly gorgeous. Oh my, he is! But this is the film that made me fall for him and it is his portrayal of Ramon sampedro that made him my favourite of all time. If you have an afternoon to yourself, please watch this film. Hopefully you feel what I felt, and soar.


Somewhere in the scenes of this film lie my soul

Ben Underused Foster

Ahhh Ben Foster. He's one of my favourite not really that famous actors. He's got a new flick out that I have been waiting for. Cant wait....eep eep.

New stuff...

Have a look at this trailer. Im not sure what I think. It looks a little cheesy but it is directed by  Alejandro Amenebar who directed The Sea Inside. I also love Rachel Weisz.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Me too Audrey. Me too.

‎- I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it. - Audrey Hepburn

Friday, November 5, 2010

Mr Eastwood. You have my vote. Wasn't he a dish!

I look forward to this....

Polly Grow up. Aaron clearly has.

I'm truly not one to judge anyone on their relationships (Clearly I am an expert in being unconventional in all matters of the heart). But whilst watching the very original but mildly boring 'Kickass' I had a few lingering thoughts. One was....Aaron Johnson is very very gorgeous. I have a crush on him. I like his hair.  He is waaaay too young for me. And.....His fiance and mother of his child (AMAZING photographer Sam Taylor-wood) is 12 years older than me and 22 years older than him! Mmmm. No judgement. Seriously.  I just wonder how they truly relate? I'd love to see them together. She is an amazingly talented woman and he looks to be something of a talent too so maybe that's it. Who knows. This isn't a gossip blog Polly. But it was a thought that stuck with me as he played a school kid who basically did what I still want to do which is dress up and fight crime.
Second more silly thought (yes MORE silly than the first) was....Nicholas Cage, your hair, like your acting of late, is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!
That is all.

Polly Vs Brennan and Dirk Vs Scott'

Do I even mention this film? I didn't watch all of it so why bother? I felt like seeing something stupid. This happens often....more often than Id like it to admit. Gone are the days of my youth when all I wanted to see was something 'foreign' or 'challenging'. Now most days off I am just tired and want to laugh at sillyness. I thought 'The Other Guys' with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg would be that film. Oh my goodness was I wrong. But here I was, I had spent the money, I was in front of the MEGA screen in the city and I was ready to laugh. People were laughing???? Why were they laughing??? This is one of the most awkwardly unfunny films I have ever seen. It's hurt my eyes it was so unfunny! And so I left! But I felt very very unsatisfied and promptly found another film to see.....Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. I fear that my review of this film is sullied with the mood I was in when I watched it....which was grumpy......with sore eyes.
Scott Pilgrim is brilliantly done and literally assaults you with lightening fast editing, witty quips and young rad looking, hot, next best, one to watch people in it.
It's maker Edgar Wright really doesnt have a common thread with his films: Shaun of The Dead, Hot Fuzz and now this one.
I will rent it on DVD and make sure I dont watch something horrible before it.

Before I got around to reading the book, the film is coming out. It looks quite haunting. Im intrigued.

I'm meant to like this film.....It's called 'The Town'

The Town
Director: Ben Affleck
Starring Ben Affleck, Blake Lively,  Rebecca Hall, John Hamm, Jeremy Renner.
I enjoyed this film. I always enjoy a movie that gives me a very real and visceral sense of the place it is set. Who better to convey the streets of Charlestown, Boston than it's darling child Mr Affleck. I am a Ben Affleck fan. There I said it. That's not to say Im a fan of his past films. I LOVED Good Will Hunting and remember feeling genuine awe when Affleck and Matt Damon won an academy award for best original screenplay at the ripe young age of 25.  Affleck's first film (as director) Gone Baby Gone surprised me. It's direction was subtle, measured and seemed to be helmed by someone far more experienced. I eagerly awaited Affleck's second attempt and The Town did not disappoint. The Town follows an old school bank robber Doug Macray as he tries to navigate his life away from the violent and dangerous world of large scale theft. Amidst all this he falls for a bank manager (Rebecca Hall) who becomes one of his heist's victims. It is incredibly violent and at times I jumped in my seat. The bank robberies and especially the car chases are absolutely amazing.  Here the narrow brick streets of Charlestown make for a tricky route and I think one particular car chase could possibly be an all time fav!! (I love car chases so that's a big call!). Most of the cast are great. Jeremy Renner seems to me like an actor who puts his roles before his ego and doesn't mind looking like a schmuck. (Brad Pitt you should take notes). I always find it a little difficult to watch TV stars in films and both Blake Lively and John Hamm don't totally shake gossip girl (whatever her name is) and Don Draper. But they aren't bad.
I recommend this film. Go Ben go.